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Sublingual immunotherapy is the medical term for allergy drops and is a safe and effective alternative to allergy shots. This method has been used in clinical practice and tested in research studies for the last 20 years.

Allergy drops, work similar to allergy shots, and train your body to tolerate the things that cause your allergic reactions.

The difference is that the same allergen extracts are placed under your tongue in a liquid drop instead of an injection. The drops work by exposing you to small doses of what you’re allergic to, when placed daily under your tongue. Over time, your body builds a tolerance to the allergens, which reduces symptoms and ultimately provides permanent relief from allergies.

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and timeline.

Treatment length varies based on allergy severity and type but after 3 to 6 months of taking the drops daily, most patients experience a significant improvement in their allergy symptoms. For lasting immunity and permanent relief, our doctors recommend a full treatment period of 3 to 5 years to help you stay symptom-free.

Mirra offers patients sublingual immunotherapy with a custom formula tailored to what you’re allergic to -- like dust mites, grass, weeds, cat and dog dander, and tree pollens, among other environmental allergens.<

Mirra’s approach is personalized: each patient is different and not everyone achieves the same result over the same time. We work with each patient individually to help them achieve the best results with sublingual immunotherapy.

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About Allergy

There are two main types of allergy tests: the Skin Scratch Test which is commonly done at the doctor's office, and the common and an IgE test (an at home blood test). 

Once you've identified your allergies, an allergist can provide treatment that trains your immune system to tolerate allergens. This may gradually reduce your uncomfortable symptoms, until you stop having the allergic reaction altogether. 

At Mirra, we accept both types of allergy tests. We often prefer the at home test because it's less invasive and allows you to test for over 40 allergens at once.

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